New Holland Wine

Welcome to the New Holland Wine Company

vines-close-150x150The year 2006 marked the 400th anniversary of the Dutch mapping of north Australia. They named the continent “New Holland” and our company now bears this name in honour of those early pioneers.

The New Holland Wine Company, based in South Australia, produces a wide variety of wines of excellent quality from its contracted vineyards as well as from quality grape growers in other premium producing areas.

The influence of micro climates and soils has combined to produce world class wines with rich varietal wine flavours.

With this wealth of quality wines, our winemakers have crafted a range of premium wines blended and balanced for international palates.

About Us

The New Holland Wine Company produces and packages a wide range of Australian wines for its overseas clients, including countries such as China, the United States of America, Europe, and several other Asian countries.


The New Holland Wine Company continues to release new products to the market, with latest successes being Sparkling Moscato with orders currently being filled to the USA market.  Low in alcohol (8.0%) it is an ideal refreshing white wine particularly favoured for its fruity freshness on a hot summer’s day.